Started in 2016, Echo Gameworks is the hobby project of Drew Ainscough. Based out of Texas, Echo Gameworks' goal is to create fun, polished, fair priced mobile and desktop video games. I have played video games my entire life, shaping who I am today. And now, the hope is to contribute back to the gaming community while respecting your time, money, and intelligence. All games are developed in Unity and written in C#. Supporting applications: Reason Essentials, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Aftereffects.


The Day Dream

In 2011, while commuting an hour each way to a 9-5 job, Drew Ainscough daydreamed of making his own video games. He wanted to design games that sparked imagination, honed critical thinking skills, and harkened back to the games that impacted his life. Each hour long commute led to plenty of brainstorming time but never enough time to dedicate to building all the games Drew wanted to build. On the weekends and after work, Drew started to learn Unity in case there was ever a time he could commit to building a polished game.

The Foundation

In 2013, Drew took a new 9-5 job that cut the commute from an hour to 10 minutes. With the additional time and energy, he delved deeper into developing the games he had beend dreaming of. However, those dreams were much bigger than the time available. For five years, Drew started and stopped a dozen projects. Each project led to new learns and skills but the scope was always too much for a single developer.

Reorbit Development and Echo Gameworks

In 2018, Drew started working on a minimalistic puzzle game that would come to be known as Reorbit. The idea for the project was to go through the entire process of game dev including creating a company and releasing a game on Google Play and the Apple Store. The scope of Reorbit had to be limited in order to ensure a polished, entertaining game. In 2019, after Reorbit had gotten to critical mass, Drew created Echo Gameworks. Not only was there a ton to learn about publishing games, but there was also the whole realm of taxes, liability, and business bank accounts to learn about. In July 2019, Drew released the first beta of Reorbit on Google Play. And, in October 2019, he released Reorbit as a full game on both Android and iOS.



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Drew Ainscough
Founder, Developer, Gamer