Reorbit is a laid-back galaxy themed puzzle game. Match moons to the same color planets in as few moves as possible to beat each level. If you're looking for a relaxing, play at your own pace type of game, look no further!


Started in April 2018, Reorbit was built on the weekends and early mornings over a year and a half. Beta testing began in July 2019 and the full game released in September 2019 for Android and iOS.


  • Explore 100+ handcrafted space themed puzzles
  • No Pay-To-Win
  • Offline Mode capable
  • Win Stars on each level to prove your skills
  • Master unique game mechanics
  • Color Blind Mode available


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There are currently no logos or icons available for Reorbit. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

About Echo Gameworks LLC

Started in 2016, Echo Gameworks is the hobby project of Drew Ainscough. Based out of Texas, Echo Gameworks' goal is to create fun, polished, fair priced mobile and desktop video games. I have played video games my entire life, shaping who I am today. And now, the hope is to contribute back to the gaming community while respecting your time, money, and intelligence. All games are developed in Unity and written in C#. Supporting applications: Reason Essentials, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Aftereffects.
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Reorbit Credits

Drew Ainscough
Founder, Developer, Gamer
Emily Speck
Graphic Design Advisor